About TRC

Logo for Tribal Early Childhood Research Center

The current Tribal Early Childhood Research Center (TRC) builds off the work started by the American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Research Center and work of the TRC funded from 2011-2016 (90PH0017). Building on partnerships built over all of these years, Communities of Learning, as depicted in the hexagonal figure below, are foundational to the work of the TRC. Communities of Learning include research, program, organizational, and federal partners who form the core or the TRC itself. Bringing their individual and collective knowledge and expertise to bear on the focused activities of the TRC, Community of Learning members work to ensure that the needs of tribal children, families, programs, and communities are at the forefront of all TRC activities.

TRC activities fall into four broad areas, as depicted in the sides of the figure below. For more information about TRC activities in each of these areas, see:  

Graphic showing TRC at the center with its partners and the areas of emphasis surrounding it