Building Research Infrastructure for Dissemination, Goals, and Education (BRIDGE)

Partnership for Public Health Research in the Oglala Sioux Tribe

Specific aims

  1. To bring together community and academic partners to review public health priorities and expand on and elaborate a health research agenda.
  2. To develop bidirectional mechanisms for training the research workforce in skills necessary to pursue the research agenda.
  3. To cultivate effective dissemination methods for returning research findings to the local community, to provide the tribe, other researchers, service providers, and policy makers with the best available information about health.
  4. To systematize procedures developed here to provide templates for building sustainable research infrastructure in Native and other communities.


Research infrastructure 

  • Created electronic bibliography of research on Pine Ridge Reservation
  • Created electronic database of research projects for OSTHA
  • Supported OSTHA and CU grant applications 
  • CU application resulted in EAST and, subsequently, Thiwáhe Gluwáš’akapi projects
  • OSTHA provided guidance to other tribes creating Tribal Research Review Boards


Focus groups with community members identified public health related research priorities: 

  • Diabetes – prevention and disease management
  • Cancer – prevention and disease management
  • Parenting – support and education for young parents and parents of teens
  • Substance abuse and disorder – prevention and treatment
  • Understanding and addressing the healthcare needs of elders
  • Coping with trauma
  • Suicide prevention
  • Understanding the role of spirituality in health

Centers for American Indian & Alaska Native Health

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