Volume 28

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

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In this issue

This issue predominantly features articles concerned with American Indian and Alaska Native youth and young adults. Articles explore topics pertinent to this population, including: 

  • Trends in non-prescription opioid use, using data from the New Mexico Youth Risk and Resilience Survey
  • Changes in gang-involvement and associated risk factors, using data from the Drug Use Among Young Indians: Epidemiology and Prediction surveys
  • Risk and protective factors for youth in a residential substance use treatment setting 
  • Formative research from the BRAVE study, a 5-year CBPR project aimed at decreasing alcohol use and violence using a technology-based intervention

And finally, Dolezal and colleagues explore the positive aspects of self-compassion in relation to suicide risk among AI/AN adults.

Trends in Non-Medical Prescription Opioid Use among Urban and Rural American Indian and Alaska Native Youth Residing in New Mexico: 2013-2017, 1-16

Katherine Hirchak, PhD, Solmaz Amiri, PhD, Judith Espinoza, MS, Jalene Herron, MS, Alexandra Hernandez-Vallant, MS, Violette Cloud, MS, JD, and Kamilla Venner, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.2801.2021.1


Exploring Changes in Gang Involvement and Associated Risk Factors for American Indian Adolescents in Reservation Communities, 17-38

Lauren P. Fox, MA, MPS, and Todd M. Moore, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.2801.2021.17


Understanding American Indian Youth in Residential Recovery from Substance Use Disorder: Risk and Protective Experiences and Perceived Recovery Support, 39-70

Debi A. LaPlante, PhD, Martina Whelshula, PhD, Heather M. Gray, PhD, and Sarah E. Nelson, PhD

Stephanie Craig Rushing, PhD, MPH, Allyson Kelley, DrPH, MPH, Steven Hafner, PhD, David Stephens, RN, Michelle Singer, BS, Dyani Bingham, MPH(c), Colbie Caughlan, MPH, Bethany Fatupaito, MPH, Amanda Gaston, MAT, Thomas Ghost Dog, Paige Smith, CADC1, CPS, Danica Love Brown, PhD, MSW, and Celena McCray, MPH

doi: 10.5820/aian.2801.2021.71


The Relationship of Self-Compassion and Suicide Risk Factors in American Indian/Alaska Native People, 103-124

Sarah Dolezal, PhD, Carrie Winterowd, PhD, and Aisha Farra, MA

doi: 10.5820/aian.2801.2021.103