Volume 17

Examining Correlates of Methamphetamine and Other Drug Use in Pregnant American Indian Adolescents, 1-24

Allison Barlow, MA, MPH, Britta C. Mullany, PhD, MHS, Nicole Neault, MPH, Yvonne Davis, MPH, Trudy Billy, Ranelda Hastings, Valerie Coho-Mescal, Kristin Lake, MPH, Julia Powers, MHS, Emily Clouse, Raymond Reid, MD, MPH, and John T. Walkup, MD

doi: 10.5820/aian.1701.2010.1


Assessing Health-related Quality of Life in Northern Plains American Indians: Prominence of Physical Activity as a Health Behavior, 25-48

Dmitri Poltavski, PhD, Jeffrey Holm, PhD, Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm, PhD, and Leander McDonald, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.1701.2010.25


Urban Indian Voices: A Community-based Participatory Research Health and Needs Assessment, 49-70

Chad V. Johnson, PhD, Jami Bartgis, PhD, Jody A. Worley, PhD, Chan M. Hellman, PhD, and Russell Burkhart

doi: 10.5820/aian.1701.2010.49 

Socioeconomic Status, Psychological Distress, and Other Maternal Risk Factors for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders among American Indians of the Northern Plains, 1-21

Phyllis Trujillo Lewis, MA, Virginia C. Shipman, PhD, and Philip A. May, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.1702.2011.1


Conceptualizing Native Identity with a Multidimensional Model, 22-42

John Gonzalez, PhD, and Russell Bennett, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.1702.2011.22


Delay Discounting of Different Outcomes in a Sample of American Indian and Non-Indian College Students, 43-55

Jeffrey N. Weatherly, PhD, and J. Douglas McDonald, PhD

doi: 10.5820/aian.1702.2011.43 

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