PAUSE for Your Well-Being Resources

What is PAUSE for Your Well-Being?

PAUSE for Your Well-Being was created by the Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center and the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center, both housed at the Colorado School of Public Health, to provide strategies to enhance wellbeing among residents in rural communities. PAUSE for Your Well-Being is a simple and quick way to integrate well-being practices into your daily life.

PAUSE For Your Well-Being is simple, quick and can be completed on your own time. There are five PAUSE for Your Well-Being five minute videos. Each video will implement well-being into your daily life and protect your mental health.

Watch the PAUSE for Your Well-Being videos to gain 5 proven strategies to live a healthier and happier life.

Physical activity (P) - Why physical activity?

Awareness (A) - What is mindfulness? How can we can practice mindfulness?

Unplug and connect (U) - What does it mean to unplug for your well-being?

Sleep (S) - What is sleep hygiene?

Express gratitude (E) - What is gratitude? Why is gratitude beneficial?

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