We synthesize a wealth of training and experience in public health ethics and law that can be put into service for a wide variety of partners and organizations. To request our services, work with us, or learn more, please contact us.


We produce research that focuses on structural problems in public health ethics and law. Our investigators work in a myriad of domains and on a wide variety of population health problems, including but not limited to public health law research, legal epidemiology, injury prevention, policy studies, and disability policy. We focus on topics including but not limited to disease stigma, public health systems, substance use, collision sports, Medicaid, epidemic and pandemic ethics and policy, disability rights, and structural violence and discrimination.

We are happy to partner with research teams in grant applications from a variety of governmental and non-profit sponsors.

Education and training

We design and deliver programs and curricula that emphasize structural approaches to maximizing health justice. In the classroom, our faculty teach courses for masters and doctoral students across the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and beyond. In the community, our faculty build and teach evidence-based, innovative health justice training programs for members of the public health workforce, health care professionals, and community-based advocates. This work is rooted in rigorous evidence and analysis in public health ethics and  law.

We are available to prepare trainings, modules, and courses for programs and community-based organizations.

Policy analysis and translation

We conduct rigorous policy analysis designed to advance health justice and create more equitable futures. Our partners and associates also deploy expertise and training in policy translation, dissemination, and implementation to communicate the effects of existing policies and advocate for critical policy change. 

We offer policy analysis, policy translation, and guidance on best practices in dissemination and implementation.

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