Our Team

CEPEG prides itself on helping communities understand their health issues and improve policy and program solutions. We share our multi-disciplinary expertise and commitment to scientific rigor and cultural humility.

Elinor Brereton MA

Senior Professional Research Assistant, Lead Evaluator

Sara Cooper PhD, MSPH

Director (CEPEG), Senior Instructor, Clinical Teaching Track

Vladka Kovar MD, MPH, BA

Senior Evaluator, Research Associate

Sarah Elizabeth Leslie MPH, BS

Survey Operations & Data Systems Senior Professional

Arnold Levinson PhD, MJ

Clinical Professor, Director (CEPEG)

Theresa Mickiewicz MSPH, BS

Senior Professional Research Associate, Data Systems and Evaluation Director

Shannon Pray MSPH

Senior Evaluation Specialist

Jil Mukeshkumar Shah MPH

Data Collection and Reporting Support Specialist