Survey Research

CEPEG’s in-house survey research unit provides data collection support for program development and evaluation efforts. Whether data collection activities support our own research or we are working on behalf of a partner organization, we are able to leverage our extensive experience in instrument design (qualitative and quantitative) and content validity, as well as survey implementation. Our in-house analysts have advanced training in population-level survey sampling and complex weighting, and survey analytics. In addition to tobacco surveillance, recent data collection efforts have focused on gun safety and medication storage in homes, policy impact evaluation, tracking program process improvement, and patient outreach and recall efforts. Using a variety of data collection platforms from online surveys to key informant interviews, our staff work closely with partner organizations to match appropriate methods with data needs.

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We pioneered the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey (TABS) on Health (previously the Colorado Tobacco Attitudes and Behaviors Survey), one of Colorado’s key tobacco surveillance efforts, and continue to provide quality assurance and data analytics for the survey. Launched in 2001, TABS on Health is a population-level survey of Colorado adults to identify and understand influential factors that public health programs can address to improve the health of our state.
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Our School and Youth Survey Team administers the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) and Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source (Smart Source). These surveys are supported by four state agencies, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Human Services, and the Colorado Department of Public Safety with input from numerous stakeholder organizations.