The Attitudes and Behaviors Surveys (TABS) on Health

CEPEG pioneered the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey (TABS) on Health (previously the Colorado Tobacco Attitudes and Behaviors Survey), one of Colorado’s key tobacco surveillance efforts, and continues to provide quality assurance and data analytics for the survey.  

Launched in 2001, TABS on Health is a population-level survey of Colorado adults to identify and understand influential factors that public health programs can address to improve the health of our state. Every 3-4 years, TABS on Health interviews 12,000 to 18,000 randomly selected adults. The surveys collect behavioral and attitudinal information about blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight and physical activity, and other health-related issues as well as information related to tobacco use. CEPEG uses these data in partnership with the State Health Department to inform an ongoing, repeated-cross-sectional study of chronic diseases and health risks among Colorado adults. 

TABS data also support planning, implementation and evaluation of Colorado state and local programs to address health risks and chronic disease. Findings have been used to identify priority needs and gaps in the reach of evidence-based strategies; to inform strategic program planning; to explore possible mechanisms that underlie health risk and chronic disease behaviors, and to inform policy choices.

TABS respondents are invited to participate in future "call-back" surveys. The first call-back survey, "Influential Factors in Healthy Living," was administered in 2013-14 and addressed access to healthy food, health provider and workplace support of healthy living, marijuana use, and self-management of chronic health conditions. Subsequent surveys, “Colorado Health Exposures and Smoking Survey” (CHESS), have addressed perceptions of discrimination and access to care, cancer screening and treatment, social norms associated with health care, and tobacco, vaping and marijuana surveillance.  


CEPEG TABS on Health activities are part of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program in the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

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