Social & Economic Aspects of Infectious Disease

Mosquito control policy: Social feasibility and willingness to pay

mosquito biting skin
Mosquitoes transmit a wide range of diseases and impact residents’ quality of life. Dr. Dickinson has generated some of the only robust estimates of the public’s willingness to pay for expanded mosquito control in multiple states including Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

COVID-19 Risk and Social Policy Working Group

COVID-19 Virus
Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Dickinson helped launch the Risk and Social Policy Working Group. With funding from two National Science Foundation (NSF) RAPID grants, she spearheaded the design and implementation of two national panel surveys. These surveys assessed risk perceptions, mitigation behaviors, and policy support. The analyses of these data focused specifically on the intersection between the pandemic and structural racism. Learn more about the project on the Risk and Social Policy Working Group website.

Malaria in East Africa

Tree and mountains at sunset in Kenya
This research explored socioeconomic status as a fundamental cause of malaria-related behaviors and outcomes and contributed to the design of decision analysis tools for malaria policymakers in East Africa.

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