These competencies are designed for public health professionals engaged in foodborne illness outbreak detection, investigation, and response.

On demand trainings

In-person trainings

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  • Applied Outbreak Investigation: One-day introduction to basic outbreak investigation skills for environmental health professionals, communicable disease investigators, public health nurses, and other public health professionals at local or regional health departments
  • Epi-Ready Team Training: A two-day workshop developed by CDC and NEHA focusing on how to efficiently and effectively respond to an outbreak by understanding the roles and responsibilities of the disciplines involved (epidemiology, environmental health, and laboratory)
  • Student Outbreak Response Training: A half-day workshop for students to learn interview techniques used in foodborne disease outbreak investigations
  • Foodborne Outbreak Challenge: A one-day event for students to compete to solve a foodborne outbreak

Synchronous online learning

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  • Hypothesis Generation during a Foodborne Outbreak Investigation ECHO: A 4-session series for foodborne epidemiologists on available data and tools for hypothesis generation.
  • Foundational Interview Skills Training: A two-session series for new public health interviewers to learn and practice interview techniques
  • Advanced Interview Skills Training: A six-session series covering more advanced interview topics for beginner or intermediate interviewers
  • Applied Whole Genome Sequencing for Epidemiologists

Case studies

  • Three Steps and a Hop: A beginner case study based on a local foodborne illness outbreak at a polka dance festival (Instructor Guide, Student GuideTabletop Slides)
  • County Fair Chocolate Scare: An intermediate case study based on an outbreak caused by the unintentional ingestion of cannabis-infused foods (edibles) at a county fair in Colorado (Instructor Guide, Student Guide, Tabletop Slides)
  • Campylobacter Outbreak at a Colorado Correctional Facility: A beginner case study based on an outbreak caused by Campylobacter at several Department of Corrections facilities in Colorado (Instructor Guide, Student Guide)