About Us

Our vision

Bringing access to mobile and digital health for the benefit of marginalized communities world wide.

Our mission

Our mission is to collaboratively address inequities in health outcomes through creating and curating high quality mobile and digital technology solutions. We work to improve health promotion, disease prevention, and health care.

Our values


High quality scientific design, research, development, implementation, and evaluation process.


Attention to populations and communities facing disparities in health outcomes.


An emphasis on increasing access to quality care and health promotion.

Our focus


A focus on projects with potential for high impact.


Commitment to capacity building in mobile and digital health.


Dedication to the development and support of partnerships with diverse organizations.

Featured partners

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mHealth Impact Lab

Colorado School of Public Health

CU Anschutz

Nighthorse Campbell Native Health Building

13055 East 17th Avenue

Mail Stop F802

Aurora, CO 80045

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