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CEPEG prides itself on helping communities understand their health issues and improve policy and program solutions. We share our multi-disciplinary expertise and commitment to scientific rigor and cultural humility.

Nicole Zwick MPH, MS

Senior Evaluator
  • Community Epidemiology & Program Evaluation
  • Department of Community & Behavioral Health

As a Senior Evaluator for CEPEG, Nicole is motivated by her desire to make data more useful, accessible and understandable for a broad range of audiences and stakeholders. Nicole is especially interested in providing actionable, evidence-based data to help guide policy and program sustainability. Currently, Nicole serves as a program development and implementation liaison to grantees, and provides technical assistance and evaluation support.  Her work with community-based interventions and innovative policy initiatives allows Nicole the opportunity to combine professional interest and personal commitment to increasing access to care for our most vulnerable populations. Her expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods, and her leadership in CEPEG’s data visualization learning group, ensures that results from evaluation efforts provide meaningful results.

Prior to working for CEPEG, Nicole was the project coordinator for an NIH-funded research study to measure cannabis exposure during gestation, and the effect cannabis use on the neurological development of infants. She received her MPH from the University of Colorado Anschutz, and degrees in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cultural Anthropology from Arizona State University.

When not conducting literature reviews for fun, Nicole enjoys spending time exploring nature with her children, solving maysu and cryptogram puzzles, and volunteering with Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) where she has traveled to Kenya to provide healthcare access, evaluation training and technical assistance for programs supporting women with HIV.

Community Epidemiology & Program Evaluation Group (CEPEG)

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