Carlton Research Group

Our research group uses multi-disciplinary approaches to understand the ways in which social and environmental conditions - from climate change to urbanization—impact infectious diseases. We focus on both emerging infectious disease threats and infectious diseases on the edge of elimination. We use multi-disciplinary approaches including field-based surveillance, next generation genomic sequencing, and biostatistical analysis methods to identify vulnerable populations and improve disease surveillance. Current research focuses on understanding barriers to elimination in residual hotspots of schistosomiasis in China, improving surveillance for emerging arboviruses in West Africa, and estimating the potential impacts of transmission control interventions on COVID-19 in Colorado.

The Carlton Research Group is committed to increasing diversity in science and is invested in the full participation of historically under-represented groups in public health research and practice. We are a multi-disciplinary group including masters and doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows. We strive to provide an engaging, collaborative work environment.