Research Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please find resources and guidance documents for conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions, please contact Michelle Kuba in the ColoradoSPH Office of Research at

On-campus research at CU Anschutz

ColoradoSPH recognizes that our community is eager to increase on- and off-campus research. While we continue to recommend telework and remote human subjects research as the preferred option, the campus is beginning a measured approach to ramping up research activities that cannot be completed remotely.

    Off-campus research

    Off-campus research that involves contact with research participants is now allowed. ColoradoSPH worked diligently on a plan to bring back all research in a measured, safe way. ColoradoSPH faculty developed a set of ‘'best practices' for conducting research off campus. This document is being used by a campus-wide group, including members from our downtown campus, to develop a broader set of guidelines for off-campus research. Faculty members are required to:

    We anticipate that responsible faculty members will be required to:

    1. Create and submit a research safety plan​
    2. Await approval of the plan from the unit level supervisor, Associate Dean for Research, and Dean. A copy of the plan will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Research for documentation purposes. 
    3. Await approval to resume off-campus research from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research. 

    Considerations when preparing a plan:

    • ​Gather and organize information about the site, such as physical location, COVID-19 safety guidelines, requirements, precautions and measures, and attitudes toward following COVID-19 safety procedures.
    • Research personnel should follow CU Anschutz guidelines, policies and procedures when traveling to and from off-site research locations, as well as when conducting off-site research activities.
    • Research personnel should follow the site’s guidelines and precautions, provided that doing so does not cause them to violate CU Anschutz policies.
    • If a site does not have published guidelines or precautions, research personnel should follow CU Anschutz policies.
    • Delay research activities until a later date if circumstances at a site may prevent personnel from following either the site’s guidelines or CU Anschutz policies.
    • Do not relax physical distancing practices and other precautions such as face coverings.
    • No one should participate in off-site research if they are feeling ill, have a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or if any household member is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days.
    • Principal Investigators are responsible for monitoring safety plans and ensuring the impacts of non-compliance are mitigated. Unit level supervisors should be notified when non-compliance occurs.

    Principal Investigators are responsible for monitoring safety plans and ensuring the impacts of non-compliance are mitigated. Unit level supervisors should be notified when non-compliance occurs.

    ColoradoSPH faculty, research staff, and volunteers at all locations share responsibility for the public health safety of others and for themselves. This responsibility extends to the community external to ColoradoSPH. Supervisors at every level are responsible to understand the risks to employees, and to prepare employees to control the risks. The ColoradoSPH community also leads the way in extending the public health safety principles applied within the school to people outside of the school. 

    Grants and funding

    In addition to reviewing school and university guidance, employees conducting research should also check with the institutions that they are applying for funding from or receive funding from such as the National Institutes of Health or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have compiled a list of granting organizations and links to changes in requirements to their existing and new funding opportunities due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any specific questions regarding your grant, please contact your funding institution directly.