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Hiring chill

May 8, 2020, 15:39 PM
Question : Hiring chill

Pause on all but critical hires

Among the many consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic is a pause on all but essential or critical hires, given the fiscal uncertainties consequent to the epidemic. Approval and sufficient rationale will need to be demonstrated that a position is indeed an “essential” hire. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to the following: 
Hiring a critical position funded in partnership with other schools
To hire a mission critical position funded in partnership with other schools, i.e., any positions that are funded through other speedtypes/schools, you must obtain written approval from that school. For the School of Medicine, the hiring authority needs to fill out an online SOM form to obtain the required approval. For other schools, the hiring authority must reach out to the respective school's Associate Dean for Finance to obtain the required approval. Once written approval has been obtained, please forward it to ColoradoSPH Faculty Affairs or Human Resources, and the request will be routed through ColoradoSPH for approval.
Requests that have received mission critical approval from all funding sources will then require an updated MOU and letter of offer signed by ALL schools.

ColoradoSPH Positions, a Microsoft Team to help employees experiencing job/FTE loss due to COVID-19
The ColoradoSPH Positions Microsoft Team is now live. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between ColoradoSPH hiring authorities and current employees experiencing job/FTE loss due to COVID-19, and to assist in identifying new or equivalent positions for affected ColoradoSPH employees. An invitation to join the Microsoft Team was sent (check your Outlook clutter folder). If you already have Teams installed, you should receive the invitation through Teams.
Please invite ColoradoSPH employees who are looking for a new position to join the Microsoft Team. The benefit of using this system is that the transfer does not have to be approved under the COVID-19 approval process if the total % FTE and salary match the employee’s existing position. 
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