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Returning to the CU Anschutz Campus: Required actions

Sep 15, 2020, 09:56 AM
Question : Returning to the CU Anschutz Campus: Required actions
As you work remotely, you may need to pick up additional equipment and items from your offices on campus. ColoradoSPH employees should communicate with their supervisors about the university-owned items they wish to take home (tracking of these items is necessary). Employees can go to their offices to pick up items after receiving approval and going through the steps below.  

We receive reports of anyone using a badge to access a building on campus and who is not approved. Anyone who needs to be on campus must adhere to the return to campus processes established by leadership at the CU Anschutz campus. 

Steps to take beforehand:*

  1. Be invited and approved to return by leadership. Contact Associate Dean for Administration and Finance Christine Gillen to receive specific approval. 
  2. Take the required, one-time Skillsoft training CU: COVID-19 Return to Campus-CU Anschutz (2021 update) by March 31, 2021.

3 steps you must take each day you will be on campus:*

  1. Complete the health questionnaire each day before arriving on campus, and bring your confirmation email to a designated check-in point (details regarding check-in points are in the questionnaire).
  2. Take your own temperature at home, or stop by a self-service station to do so.
  3. Bring and wear your CU Anschutz badge and a face covering at all times, indoors and outdoors.

As of March 1, 2021, in-person screenings and wristbands are no longer required. The Hensel-Phelps check-in location remains open for anyone needing in-person assistance.

*Starting June 1, there will be a continuation of phased return to on-campus activity and changes to campus protocols. These changes are not intended to suggest a full return to on-campus operations, but to guide continued slow and steady return.

  1. Beginning June 1, ColoradoSPH employees no longer need approval from Associate Dean Christine Gillen to be on campus. Employees must work with supervisors and unit leaders regarding visits to campus and/or an approved work schedule on campus.
  2. No more daily health questionnaire/attestation required for those fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated individuals will continue to complete the questionnaire to be on campus.
  3. Masks will be recommended but optional, both indoors and outside, for those fully vaccinated. Masks will continue to be mandatory for unvaccinated individuals at all times except when outdoors and 6 feet or more from others.
  4. Physical distancing requirements will be eliminated, indoors and outdoors, for those fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated individuals must maintain 6 feet or more of distance between themselves and others at all times, inside and out.
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