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Our mission

At the Latino Research & Policy Center, our mission is to improve the quality of life for Latinos in Denver, in Colorado, and beyond. Our vision is to reduce health disparities through research, education and policy changes. 

Our team

Headshot of Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen MA

Projects & Data Manager
  • Latino Research & Policy Center

Email Address:jennifer.Nguyen@ucdenver.edu

Primary Phone:303-315-0130

Ms. Nguyen received her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver. During her undergraduate and graduate training, Ms. Nguyen’s academic interests revolved around the treatment of medically underserved populations. Her interest led her to receive extensive graduate training in health psychology and diversity topics. Over the last eight years, Ms. Nguyen’s interests evolved and helped her focus her research on health disparities, particularly in the area of cancer disparities in the Latino/a community.

Since 2012, Ms. Nguyen has been actively involved in research with the Latino Research & Policy Center. She has assisted the center in multiple grant submissions, the coordination of funded projects, and development of multiple research and educational tools (surveys, education materials, etc.) used in the funded projects. From her graduate training and the research studies implemented at the Latino Research & Policy Center, Ms. Nguyen has accumulated much knowledge and experience regarding the health and educational needs of Latino/as in the Colorado community.

Ms. Nguyen continues to work towards closing the health disparity gap for Latino/as in the Denver community. With her knowledge of treatments for breast, cervical, and lung cancers in the Latino/a population, she hopes to improve the experiences for patients across the Denver area, with aspirations that it will be able to translate to a larger scale in the future.