Our Team


Marian Betz MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Deputy Director (IVPC)

Sara Brandspigel MPH

Research Instructor (Dept. of Health Systems, Management & Policy, Dept. of Community and Behavioral Health) and Director of Outreach (IVPC)

Carol Runyan PhD, MPH

Professor, Founding Director (PIPER)


Maya Haasz

Assistant Professor

Beverly Kingston PhD

Senior Research Associate & Director (CU Boulder)

Rebecca Orsi PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Joseph Simonetti MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Clinical Investigator

Talia Spark PhD, MS

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Research Epidemiologist

Research project staff

Jessica Buck-Atkinson MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Sophie Dila MA

Technical Assistance Director, Senior Professional Research Assistant

Kaitlynn Jones MPH

Professional Research Assistant

Kit Jones MSW

Professional Research Assistant

Rachel Kennedy

Temporary Professional Research Assistant

Ming Ma MD, MPH

Senior Research Instructor

Andrew Macfarland MCJ

Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation

Sophie Rosenberg

Professional Research Assistant

Anna Royer MSW

Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator

Julia Simoes BA

Research and Evaluation Manager