On-Demand Learning

At the Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, we are committed to training future leaders in food safety by providing students with training and practicum experiences in investigating foodborne illness outbreaks. See below for more information about training opportunities we provide.
Field of Barley
Learn about tips, tools, and resources to effectively conduct environmental assessments as part of a foodborne illness outbreak investigation.
Virus/pathogens in the air
Learn how to efficiently and effectively respond to a foodborne disease outbreak, how to report an outbreak through the National Outbreak Reporting System, and more.
woman working at computer
Gain skills in epidemiology such as creating an epi curve in excel, presenting a case during an outbreak investigation, and more.
Educate yourself on how to conduct interviews during an outbreak investigation, respond to difficult interviewees, and more.
Scientist in laboratory

Gain insight into public health laboratory tests and techniques such as the gram stain process, plating, and more.


man at computer

We provide case studies—such as a campylobacter outbreak at a correctional facility and a county fair chocolate scare—as educational tools to prepare public health students and new investigators for future outbreaks.

person raising their hand

Check out past lectures and webinars on topics ranging from the global burden of foodborne disease to applying model practices in outbreak response and much more.