Online Live Learning

Why online live learning?

live learning series photo

We use bi-directional video technology to deliver innovative, engaging, and travel-free trainings. The online live learning model allows us to host “face-to-face” learning opportunities that are equally convenient to public health professionals serving rural communities as to someone in a large metropolitan area. We use this approach for different live learning applications including courses, learning collaboratives, and ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) series.

We build virtual “classrooms” that allow for deep discussion and interaction between participants. Participants leverage the interpersonal connections made in these virtual “classrooms” to peer learning networks which connect learners and provide an opportunity to share and learn beyond a structured curriculum. These trainings are developed and hosted in coordination with the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center.

Plan a training

We collaborate with partner organizations to host live learning series regularly. If you have a suggestion for a future live learning topic or are interested in collaborating with us to develop a series, please contact us.

Sample trainings