For Educators

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We are committed to training future leaders in food safety by providing students with training and practicum experiences in investigating foodborne illness outbreaks. The resources below are designed to help educators conduct trainings, use case studies as educational tools, and connect students with practicum and capstone experiences.

Training materials

Student outbreak response training

This intensive half-day course will train student in interview techniques used in foodborne disease outbreak investigations. Students who complete the course will be added to a "Rapid Responder" list and could be invited to assist in outbreak investigations coordinated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Fall trainings are located on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and spring trainings are located at Colorado State University.

Foodborne outbreak challenge

This one-day event brings together multidisciplinary teams of students from all three ColoradoSPH universities. Students compete to solve a foodborne illness outbreak and develop a food safety intervention.

Case studies

Looking for case studies to use in educational exercises? We have tabletop exercises and more.

Practicum and capstone opportunities

For more information regarding graduate student positions, practicums, and capstone opportunities, please contact us.