7,508 professionals trained

18,000 training hours

70 educational events

Reporting period: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

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The center leads trainings, conferences, and webinars on a range of topics and in collaboration with partners. We also host visiting scholars for educational seminars, put on an annual Research Day Symposium featuring student research, and bring together businesses from across the state at our annual Health Links™ event.
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The 3rd International Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health® brought together safety and health professionals, employers, researchers, policymakers, and the academic community to examine opportunities to make workplaces safer and to improve the health and well-being of the workforce across the world. Held October 11-14, 2022, in Bethesda, MD, and virtually. Stay tuned for the next symposium.
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Our center's Total Worker Health (TWH) outreach arm, Health Links, hosts ongoing webinars discussing various TWH topics in the workplace. Webinars feature expert speakers in health and safety, public health, and business and are designed to help educate and build skills among professionals.
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In partnership with the CU Center for Bioethics & Humanities, we host an ongoing series discussing the intersections of climate change, ethics, and the future of work.
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Research Day brings together environmental and occupational health students, trainees from the Mountain & Plains Education and Research Center (MAP ERC), and local professionals to celebrate student research in environmental and occupational health. This event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research, practice their presentation skills, and network with professionals in the field.
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Every year, Health Links celebrates and recognizes businesses, nonprofits, and community partners committed to fostering healthy and safe workplaces. This event offers attendees the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and share best practices.
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Together with the NORA Oil and Gas Extraction Council, we host virtual summits to discuss and explorstate-of-the-art knowledge on occupational exposures to noise and heat stress in the upstream oil and gas industry.
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WestON is an annual event for epidemiologists, state and local health department officials, statistics coordinators, and other public health professionals in the western United States to meet and share ideas about occupational health and safety. Information on worker safety and health issues, available resources, and mechanisms for developing effective occupational safety and health programs are discussed.

Learn more about the upcoming WestON meeting >

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We host and participate in many meetings and conferences throughout the year in our commitment to providing professional education to professionals who serve the health and safety needs of workers and organizations. Most presentations are recorded and available for later viewing. Please note that certificates of completion for CE credit are only available for live webinar participants.