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Certificate in Latino Health

This certificate, offered at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, is designed to develop the talent pipeline of individuals who can make a difference in the Latino community. In this program, you'll gain a theoretical framework for addressing health disparities in the Latino community, guidance from highly successful mentors, and the opportunity to be involved in relevant experiential learning projects.

Help reduce health disparities

Contribute to reducing Latino health disparities and work to achieve health equity.

Make a difference

Be part of the pipeline of talented professionals making a difference in the Latino community.

Learn from the experts

Receive guidance from highly successful mentors and hear from nationally recognized speakers through our Latino Research & Policy Center.


Total credits: 15

MPH students also completing a concurrent specialty certificate will need to meet the requirements of both the MPH and the certificate with only nine overlapping credits and have a minimum of 48 total credits to graduate with both.

AIM-AHEAD Scholarship

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